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TOPAZ Series : Grinding and polishing robots

The TOPAZ series is conceived to provide as much possible flexible grinding and polishing solutions based on robotics technology.

These robotic cells can be designed and manufactured to efficiently grind or polish any kind of part independently of his complexity, always accordingly to the specific requirements of each application. The TOPAZ series can combine simultaneously several robots and heads within the same robot cell, providing the customer with a very flexible and reliable solution.

By using robots for grinding, polishing and deburring the repeatability of the finished parts will be increased.

Various materials can be grinded, polished and deburred with robots like any metal, wood, plastics and others.

Multiple feeding systems for robot stations can be applied: pallet systems (double feeding table), rotary devices assisted with a CNC manipulator, rotary devices without CNC manipulator, conveyor systems (with or without artificial vision), 3D assisted artificial vision…

With those feeding devices our robot cells work autonomously without the operator’s presence.

Our software libraries handle basic tasks automatically like broken grinding belts, mop wearing compensation in polishing cells, palletizing, adaptive speed control...

Robots for surface finishing processes where grinding, polishing, buffing, sanding, deburring or handling are needed.

Multiple robots or single robots working together to give the best robotic finishing.

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