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ONYX Series : Revolving polishing and grinding machines

The ONYX series is conceived for high production demand of specific parts taking advantage of the rotary machine architecture and the accuracy of CNC systems. The basic concept is a fast and precise rotary bedplate supporting the holding and fixture parts systems combined with as much as needed grinding or polishing heads up to six simultaneously CNC controlled axis each, placed around of the rotary table. If necessary, the machine can be equipped with one or more robots for the parts’ loading / unloading operations.

As the rotary robots system EMERALD series these CNC (or PLC in simple machines) rotary cells can be designed and manufactured accordingly to the specific needs of each application to efficiently grind or polish any kind of part independently of his complexity. Thanks to the powerful capability of CNC to control several axes simultaneously it is possible to afford flexible cells with an appropriate design of the tooling and part holding systems maintaining a very high production capacity. This capability brings to the customer an interesting alternative for high demanding production capacity with an excellent price / performance relationship.

In all the rotary PLC or CNC machines we do apply military technology that allows rotating the servomotors with the table providing faster cycle times, better accuracy and less maintenance costs compared with the conventional rotary solutions.

Our CNC rotary table polishing machines and our PLC rotary table buffing machines are the right option to get a big parts output. Equipped with the best liquid compound guns and buffs those machines are excellent for polishing and buffing processes.

Our CNC and PLC rotary table grinding machines are fast and serious production lines that help to get the best sanding, grinding and deburring experience.

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