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TAMAutomation Robots and machines for grinding and polishing Products Robots and machines for grinding and polishing ONYX Series : Revolving polishing and grinding machines Robots and machines for grinding and polishing ONYX-5H-26A-PLC - Indexed polishing rotary machine

ONYX-5H-26A-PLC - Indexed polishing rotary machine

Rotary PLC machine for polishing high end fashion accessories and jewelry parts equipped with five polishing heads and twenty-six axes PLC controlled. Some technical features of this cell are the rotation axis integrated in part fixture, automatic polishing mops rotation speed control according to real mop radius, automatic mop pressure control, automatic solid bar feeders, polishing mops oscillation device, fast mop change, safety light barriers, full cabin enclosure, etc

Indexed rotary machine Indexed rotary machine


Standard equipment

Optional equipment
Polishing disk units with software based wearing compensation. Safety mesh.
Solid bar feeders. Liquid paste system.
Fast mop change without tools. Fire detection system.
Disk oscillation. Full remote connection.
No mechanical transmissions under the table. The asynchronous motors rotate along with the table giving faster cycle times, better accuracy and less maintenance costs. Optimization of the pollution extraction using automatic lids.
High precision stationary rotary table device. Multiple options to fix the part: vacuum, clamping or border fixing.
Centralized lubrication system.  
Parts counter.  
Safety cabin.  
Alarm history.  
Programming touch screen.  
Full CE regulation followed.