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EMERALD Series : Rotatory robots for grinding and polishing

This series is designed for high production rates but on a robots basis cell. This concept combines the flexibility of the robot systems with the successfully rotary architecture of CNC polishing and grinding cells.

As the TOPAZ series these rotary robotic cells can be designed and manufactured to efficiently grind or polish any kind of part independently of his complexity, by means of the simultaneously operation of several robots mounted on a rotary table and working synchronously. It can be possible to produce one type of part with high production rates or different types of pieces at the same time, allowing the customer to fulfill high demanding production capacity with the excellent flexibility that robots provide.

With a rotary table robots machine the parts output gets increased without reducing the robot flexibility for sanding, grinding, polishing, deburring and buffing; And at the same time keeping the workflow as simple as in a single robot cell.

Using robots and reduce production time is what this rotary table robots design provides.

Each robot can make different piece models and the machine becomes very flexible and ideal for grinding, polishing and deburring short series.

Each robot can make the same part model, this increases dramatically the production rate as the operator must only program one robot and automatically obtain the production of several of them (ideal for grinding, polishing and deburring large series).

The electrical efficiency is increased due to the physical design of this rotary robot concept.

The logistics in the production plant are improved.

This rotary grinding, polishing and deburring system combines the flexibility of one robot cell with the production of one rotary machine; offering the advantages of both systems.

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