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TAMAutomation Robots and machines for grinding and polishing Products Robots and machines for grinding and polishing AMBER Series : Manual machines and accessories for grinding and polishing Robots and machines for grinding and polishing AMBER-ACE-HPPLC - Liquid paste pistol

AMBER-ACE-HPPLC - Liquid paste pistol

High pressure pistol for liquid compounds (with pneumatic actuator).

Liquid paste pistol

Technical specifications:



Our high pressure liquid paste pistols offer TAMAutomation quality to our customers.

As our grinding and polishing cells, AMBER-ACE-HPPLC pistols have been designed for helping to optimize the surface finishing processes, being a great complement for our machines because it improves the final results in the surface finishing. If there's not a liquid paste network in the enterprise then, in order to get the desired pressure, we recommend acquiring another TAMAutomation accessory: the liquid paste distribution pump AMBER-ACE-APLC that allows supplying the liquid paste to the pistols in a fast, convenient and clean way.

A complete after-sales service including technical support and permanent stock of spare parts is provided.