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TAMAutomation is an innovative enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing advanced turnkey grinding, polishing and deburring automated cells.

The wide experience accumulated and the absorption of the newest technology in robotics, industrial electronics and CNC makes TAMAutomation capable of introducing and delivering to the market innovative concepts in robot, CNC and PLC cells that are technically very advanced in order to get the most optimal production and finishing in every surface and shape that has to be worked.

The direct contact with our customers ensure that our polishing and grinding cells are the automated solutions that you really need.

Our focus is not the machine itself but the cost-effective integration of our solutions within every organization; finding a long-term and mutually profitable relationship.

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Our human team has developed a wide range of solutions as robotic cells, CNC machines and PLC systems for grinding, polishing and deburring processes in many sectors.

TAMAutomation uses this experience to offer tailor-made cells but using very highly reliable and efficient mechanical, electrical, electronical and software modules.

Our turnkey systems completely programmed and tested at home, will help you in getting the results you need by automating processes to polish and to grind parts, reducing costs and ensuring the quality and accuracy that your products require.

TAMAutomation is focusing its efforts and resources on those technologies and key polishing and grinding processes to achieve complete customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Thus, the functions and processes which are not differentiating and crucial for our customers, such as milling, turning, EDM, etc., are entrusted to our best partner specialised in each field.