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This function takes care about the appropriate training of customer’s operators of our grinding, polishing, deburring and special cells and machines.

Proper training allows users of our machines to extract the maximum performance and productivity, and that such training addresses both the use of the machine and their proper maintenance and monitoring.

The training plans are designed always in two stages: the first takes place on the premises of TAMAutomation after the FAT test, the second is performed on the customer's premises after commissioning the machine.

During the FAT and SAT tests our engineers train your staff to work with the acquired installation for metal finishing, polishing, grinding or any other process, how to palletize (load and unload), how to use the gripper systems, how to use and adjust tools (belts and mops), how to compensate the tools wearing, to learn how to program the machines...

You can get extra trainings at any time, contact our sales department to get more information.

TAMAutomation: best training for maximum performance of your grinding and polishing cells