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TAMAutomation Robots and machines for grinding and polishing Company Robots and machines for grinding and polishing Manufacturing


TAMAutomation produces all robot cells, CNC and PLC machines for grinding, polishing and deburring processes as well as special machines and prototypes in our own facilities.

A team of highly skilled engineers with extensive experience and know-how in complex assemblies, CNC multi-axis systems, special movement transmission systems, sophisticated and tailor-made electrical cabinets, integration of robots with all peripherals and accessories designed and assembled at home, and so on, allows us to carry out the complete fabrication of all machines at our plant in Barcelona in a very efficient and cost-effective way.

The mechanical parts to be produced by means of a machining process (i.e. milling, turning, hobbing, precision grinding, etc.) are entrusted to the best TAMAutomation’s partner specialised in each field.

TAMautomation design machines for finishing, deburring, buffing, grinding, and any surface processing using abrasives, belts, mops, buffs...

TAMAutomation: manufacturers for reliability and performance in grinding and polishing