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The aim of our company is to provide with the best state-of-the-art grinding and polishing solutions accordingly to customer’s requirements and real needs emphasizing permanently the price / performance relationship of our robot, CNC and PLC cells.

This objective is at all times to guide the organization of our company. Thus, we integrate in-house the functions that we consider key to its achievement: marketing and sales (understanding the real needs of the market), product and process design (designing and manufacturing for our customers to optimize prices), manufacturing (ensuring reliability of our polishing and grinding machines), quality assurance (ensuring the quality of each and every one of the components and whole cells), training (in order to optimize the performance and operation of the machine at customer's premises) and after sales service (to ensure maximum availability and optimal performance of each machine throughout its life’s cycle).

Thanks to the TAMAutomation's high level of organization we deliver the most high-tech grinding, deburring, polishing machines and machines for demanding applications that require robots, CNC or PLC to make the best automatic surface treatment.

TAMAutomation: high qualified people organized to optimum performance